Hplus serves architectural, interior design and projects management to customers, creating high quality integration services and building a better global enviroment.

HPLUS 是集建筑设计,室内设计咨询及项目管理为一体的设计公司. 我们为客户提供一体化的优质服务,为全球创造更美好的环境。

Team Hplus overcome every challenge with design and mangement experience, depanding on mature technique achievement. In the long period, practicing and knowledge give us tough strengeth to imrpve design and look after better one.

HPLUS 设计团队会将其设计和项目管理经验以及技术成就倾注于每个项目,接受挑战。我们的实力是根植于各种项目的积累以及广泛建筑设计知识和实践。我们不断地对实践方法进行改进,不懈地追求项目的真谛。

One outstanding designer needs professional and tough knowledge to make sure the projects can be in charged well and admirable at the same time, that what HPLIS secrect, we only give the best design teams; meanwhile our foreign designers and technical staffs with good undstanding of local culture also offer remarkable direction and design.

HPLUS 将为项目精心挑选具有专业知识、相关设计经验及相当技术水准的设计师团队,以确保本项目的顺利进行;同时,具有丰富国际和海外设计经验的外籍设计师和技师以及对中国文化和国内业主需求具有相当认知的我司中国设计师和技术人员也将随同管理本项目的进行。

We are bringing a Value-added services to the projects. Part of our scope of work and responsibility is to play the role as the Lead Consultant. As an integral part of our design consideration, we would coordinate and incorporate the inputs of all the other advisers' suggestions on the project, including but not limited to graphic and signage, lighting, IT, and building services. Under authority assigned by you, we would manage their preparation and presentation of their respective designs and reports timely, and take a lead in adjusting and improving the overall results.